lester brown

Sustainable energy is here.

[Originally published June 12, 2015}

In the June 8, 2015 issue of The Christian Science Monitor Weekly, Gregory M. Lamb interviewed Lester Brown, the environmental analyst and founder of the Earth Policy Institute, who sees a bright future for sun and wind power. Here are a few tasty tidbits from the article. 

"For a lot of our lifetimes, we've been getting energy [oil] from halfway around the world. Now suddenly we have rooftop panels and we're getting energy from 10 feet over our heads."

—Lester Brown

Founder of the Earth Policy Institute


"There's a whole list of billionaires just piling money into this [sun and wind]. What that does for investment is it says, This is where the smart money is going."

—Lester Brown

Named "...one of the world's most influential thinkers"


"Almost all the big homebuilders in this country either offer or automatically put solar panels on new rooftops...because buying a house with no electric bill is kind of neat." 

—Lester Brown

Called "the guru of the environmental movement"