The Extraordinary Ordinary: Wilson Lam

[Originally published August 5, 2015]

Walk into Copyland on G Street here in Davis and, chances are, you'll see blueprints rolling out of the printer, students on the computers, business people making copies and others discussing their visions with Wilson Lam. The shop can get pretty busy, but amidst the positive maelstrom of the thriving business is Wilson, the epitome of "calm, cool and collected." Wilson is all about service, but what makes him so special is the way he goes about serving...quietly, expertly, responsively. 

When I asked him how he came to be who and how he is, he replied without a second's hesitation, "My mom, the way she raised me to always respect people and treat them the way you want to be do what you can to help them." 

Wilson became aware that he wanted to help people in middle school. After high school, he became a Nurse's Assistant and loved it. Then he attended Unitek where he earned his Vocational Nursing License (LVN), but the increased stress and bureaucracy that came with the job didn't click with him. After a brief stint as an LVN, he got a job working at T-Mobile. When T-Mobile closed, he walked next door to Copyland and asked owner Paul Wang for a job. Paul gave him the job on the spot. 

Seven years later, Wilson still likes his job. "People come in with an idea and we help give it a physical form. It makes me feel happy that I am creating something out of nothing." 

Turbo, Wilson's dog, also likes his job at Copyland. On Wednesdays or Thursdays, depending, Turbo greets customers and gives them the joy of petting him. Wilson said, "Turbo likes to come in and relax, and enjoy the customers." The Lams are bonified Davisites. Wilson's mom works at the United States Post Office on Fifth Street and his older brother is a doctor here.  

Wison, thank you for making people's experiences at Copyland seamless. Thank you for your positivity, promptness and patience. You are extraordinary. (And, by the way, we'll be sending you a print job later today.)