Good day, sunshine.

Over the past half-dozen years, friends and neighbors noticed the solar panels on our homes and posed a lot of questions. What does solar cost? Which panels should I choose? Who can I trust to install it? Can I finance it? How does it work with PG&E? Good, fundamental questions.

Then, two things occurred: The cost of solar plummeted and PG&E’s rates escalated. By mid-2013, solar-generated electricity had an effective rate much less than any PG&E offered.  

Concurrently, several friends and neighbors either went solar or were considering solar. Great news, except — in all cases — they got a bad deal: Solar panels manufactured by insolvent companies; systems installed by not-so-great contractors with abysmal warranties; pricing that was far too high; and bad information about system ownership (i.e., people were signing up for power purchase agreements or leases).

So, in 2013 we set out to do better. We committed to make solar simple, dependable and affordable for fellow Yolo County homeowners. We created Repower.

First, we began by identifying dependable equipment, manufactured by companies with outstanding balance sheets (and thus well able to back up their warranties).

Then we engaged six qualified solar contractors to bid on installing 100 solar systems in Yolo County. Bids in hand, we performed deep due diligence on the contractors, and selected a company that — by a longshot — had the highest quality of work.

Finally, we eliminated sales, marketing and advertising expenses, and streamlined the "does-solar-work-for-me?" evaluation process for homeowners.

The result: Yolo County homeowners save substantially when they go solar, with top-of-the-line equipment installed by one of the industry’s best contractors. They get a good deal on their solar systems. Their PG&E bills shrink to practically nothing. And, the environment benefits.

And another cool thing happened. As our friends and neighbors repowered their homes with solar, we started supporting local nonprofit organizations. Since 2014 — on behalf of homeowners who went solar — we have donated more than $50,000 to local causes.

Furthermore, in 2017 we were humbled and honored to be named the "Best Solar Company in Yolo County," as voted by thousands of Davis Enterprise readers. Since this was the first year a solar company was elected – and given that we do not advertise nor employ salespeople – we are grateful to Yolo County residents for selecting us.

The opportunity to build our community and make Yolo County a better place is what keeps us going and fuels our ambition. If we can grow a socially and environmentally responsible business that helps our friends and neighbors save money and harvest their own clean energy, then we will have succeeded.

Get started today and learn if it makes sense to repower your home with solar.