energy independence

The Freedom and Security of Solar

[Originally posted March 4, 2015]

Recently, we were talking with a friend about PG&E and she expressed that she hated feeling at the mercy of PG&E's rate hikes, ambiguity, and complex pricing criteria. She said she despises being subject to the energy monopoly and wished she could go solar and be free of PG&E.

“I think homeowners who go solar have a streak of independence. They want choices. They refuse PG&E’s ‘It’s our way or the highway’ attitude. And I also think they are people who are smart and grow their money, rather than spend every last drop.”

She assured us that being at the mercy of 'the grid' has been bothering her for years. She expressed that it's terrible to feel optionless ... and to be governed by rules in which one has no say, especially after she has seen the big savings of Repower homeowners.


PAWs and UAWs

She also made an interesting connection to RepowerYolo homeowners and the profile of millionaires described in Dr. Thomas J. Stanley's book, The Millionaire Next Door, in which the author profiles PAWs or "Prodigious Acquirers of Wealth"—frugal, smart, and the antitheses of those opulent Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous—versus UAWs or "Underachievers of Wealth" who max out their spending rather than grow their wealth. 

All said, the primary motivation to go solar typically is not because it's good for the environment. Homeowners go solar because it's a sound financial decision. That solar is clean energy is just an added bonus. 


Simple, Smart Solar

We like things to be simple, smart, fast and direct. We've sorted through all the solar pitches and complexity, distilled the process down to excellent solar panels, installers, and financing options. And we've negotiated a group purchase discount that makes solar an even better investment. 

If you're a PAW who has that streak of independence that makes you want to be free of PG&E and reduce your overhead by producing your own electricity, please call to learn if you qualify for the Repower group discount:  (530) 564-4292.