When going solar DOES NOT make sense

[Originally published April 1, 2015]

Most solar companies try to convince you that it is always a sound financial decision to go solar because, ahem,selling solar systems is how they make money.  The RepowerYolo Community Program is different. If going solar is not going to save you money on your PG&E bills or work with your roof or landscape, RepowerYolo will say so.  So ... in addition to bringing our friends and neighbors in Yolo County together to generate significant savings on their solar installations (through a group purchase discount), the RepowerYolo Community Program makes sure people get the facts straight-up, even if it means that going solar doesn't make sense for them.

For Example ....  

A Yolo county homeowner came to us for a free analysis of her home for solar. After looking at her historical PG&E bills, the fixed costs of installing a system (permits and engineering fees, for example) in relation to the energy that would be generated, and the age of her roof, it was clear that the expense of going solar would take too long to recoup in savings on her electricity bills.


Already Super Energy-Efficient

The economics of going solar weren’t great for this particular homeowner because she was already environmentally frugal—the money she spent on a solar energy system would require nearly two decades to recover because of her low electricity use.


Older Roof

In addition, her roof will need replacing soon and it was hard to justify installing solar panels that would need to be removed and reinstalled when she replaced her roof. Installing solar panels at this point would have upped her cost of producing her own energy.


Smaller System

The homeowner’s fixed costs on the small system she needed would be spread out across so few panels that the system costs per unit would be high … too high.


Yes or No, Our Approach Remains the Same

This homeowner asked great questions. Even after RepowerYolo advised her that going solar did not pencil, given the above factors, we invited her to call any time. Conversations are no pressure and transparent. Whether or not you choose to become a RepowerYolo homeowner, we will be accessible and responsive to you. If you do go solar via the RepowerYolo Community Program, we will be as available to you after your solar energy system installation as we were before and during.